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Craft: Friendship Bracelets

Let’s be friends!
Learning how to make friends is an important skill that is essential for healthy development in children, and this Friendship Bracelet activity is the perfect beginning to this development! Family members can share stories about how they became friends with the special people in their lives while crafting some very cute tokens of affection. It is also worthwhile to talk about having healthy friendships while also being a kind and loyal friend. Working with beads and string is a useful way for small hands to develop coordination skills by pinching with the thumb and forefinger, and threading helps the eyes and hands to work together. Be sure to offer help if needed, as small beads can be tricky for younger children. Math skills, thinking skills, and social skills all come into play, and this activity is fun, fun, fun!
-Letter beads
-Colored beads
-Stretchy/Elastic Jewelry Cord
1. Plan out the design of your bracelet on your table top. For smaller children, they may need help with spelling and placing the beads in the correct order.
2. Cut a length of cord that will give you plenty of room to bead it, and to tie and trim it off when finished.
3. Place beads in desired order on the cord.
4. Tie into a strong knot.
5. Trim near the knot without getting so close that the knot will break open.
6. Wear and share with your besties!