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Cookie Dough Yogurt Snack

Isn’t it surprising that you can enjoy the deliciousness of cookie dough as a healthy dip?

Three simple ingredients are all you need, and this snack activity is perfect for your child to take the lead! Simply mix Greek yogurt, nut butter, honey, and surprise – a sweet treat for dipping fruit! You can even let your child slice the fruit with a child-safe knife. It is empowering for children to feel comfortable in the kitchen preparing basic recipes. It helps to develop important literacy skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Why not start with letting your child jot down a shopping list? You can model how to do this by saying the word aloud as you add each item. It also helps to read the recipe together, and don’t forget to do a taste test! Ask your child to describe the different textures and flavors to help make a physical connection with the senses being used.


1. Greek yogurt

2. Nut butter

3. Honey (optional)

4. Fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries – anything you like!)

5. Mini chocolate chips


1. Add the Greek yogurt into a bowl, add the nut butter and/or honey to the bowl and mix until combined.

2. Add the mini chocolate chips and mix again. Add more chocolate chips as a topping.

3. Cut up the fruit and dip it into the delicious, healthy dip!

4. Enjoy!