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Connecting Cups to Count

Embrace the power of play and unlock mathematical potential with a fun and challenging activity.

By combining math with enjoyable activities, you’ll instill a positive mindset toward problem-solving. Did you know that a positive attitude toward math boosts our brains to remember things? This Connecting Cups to Count activity gives your child an engaging way to practice number recognition, sharpen counting skills, and develop a genuine love for numbers. It also promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, essential for future writing and manipulation tasks. Encourage your child to explore and match cups based on the corresponding number of dots and foster their ability to recognize similarities and differences. With focus and concentration, they’ll excel at identifying and pairing cups with matching dots and numbers, honing their problem-solving prowess. You can even reuse the cups by planting seeds in them!

– Clear plastic cups
– Red dot stickers
– Black marker

1. Using red dot stickers, place dots on half of the cups, increasing the number of dots by one on each cup.
2. On each of the remaining cups, draw the outline of a tree, large enough to fit the largest number of dots. Label each cup with a number corresponding to the dot cups.
3. Invite your child to pick one of the cups with dots on them and identify the cup with the matching tree that has the same number on its trunk. Let your child stack the cups with matching dots and trees on top of each other.
4. Repeat until all cups are matched.