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Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

Entertainment for children comes in all shapes and sizes, and ‘tis the season for an activity that is fun and festive.

This Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree is a sure boredom-buster, and anyone who has ever waited by the oven for warm fresh cinnamon rolls knows that the result is…pure joy! Your child can easily unroll the dough and shape it into a tree, then an adult can help to bake it. The most exciting part of all…the scrumptious frosting decoration! Ask your child to describe a favorite part of the activity to add a warm connection with family bonding time.


1. 1 tube of large cinnamon rolls

2. Green food coloring

3. Yellow and red M&Ms


1. Open the cinnamon roll tube and separate out the icing and the rolls.

2. Unroll your first roll and shape into a tree by starting at the base of the tree and then curving it up to make the next row slightly smaller, continuing to the end of the roll.

3. Bake as directed on the package.

4. While the rolls bake, mix the food coloring into the icing.

5. Remove the cinnamon rolls from the oven and spread the green icing evenly over the top of each “tree” and then place the red M&Ms as ornaments and the yellow M&M on top as the star!

6. Enjoy!