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Establishing an effective chore system requires some effort from parents. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips when it comes to chore time at your home.

Make clean-up fun!Family washing dishes together

Turn on some music or make a game out of it! Laugh and dance with your child as you both put away toys, sort dirty laundry, and load the dishwasher. Doing so teaches children that responsibility can be fun.

Give some praise

When your child is finished with a chore, praise him or her for a job well done. Encourage your child throughout the process and congratulate progress! Praise is often a better motivator than money.

Be consistent

Establishing a chore system for children can feel like a chore for adults. As a parent, remind yourself to remind your child about chores. When expectations aren’t clear and there is no follow through, you may be communicating to your child that chores are not really that important. If chores are important to you, they will become important to your child.

Begin Early

Some parents think their children are too young for chores. However, there are plenty of age-appropriate tasks even your two-year-old can do! Here are some chore ideas for the little ones.

• Let them dress themselves and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
• Help them learn how to brush their own teeth, even if it begins with a wet toothbrush.
• Show them how to put things away in their room.
• Let them help you water the plants. Give your child a small amount of water just in case it spills.
• Let them fold washcloths.
• Allow them to put away clean laundry.
• Let them help you dust. Give your child a small sock to dust a table or two.
• Let them help you empty small trash cans around the house.


Your child is still learning what “clean” really means, so be patient. It’s okay if their books are crooked on the book shelf or their bed is not made up like you might have done. Strive to let your child do their chores and with time and maturity the definition of clean will become clearer.