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Charcuterie Board

Nothing brings the family together like this charcuterie board that is extra eggs-stravagant!

This Spring, you can incorporate the shapes, symbols, and colors of Easter into a festive treat that is sweet, savory, and kid friendly. Let your child take the lead from selecting the serving board, to making a shopping list of ingredients, and assembling the arrangement for a truly personalized experience that is like a work of art. This is a fantastic way to build decision-making skills while enjoying cherished family-time. To build the Easter charcuterie board, start with cookie cutter shapes to have a focal point, contain smaller pieces in the shapes and small bowls, then fill in the spaces with medium-sized goodies. Your child can personalize the flavors to also include cheese, meat, fruit and more! This activity is fun to build and delicious to enjoy.

– Robin Eggs Mints
– Jet-Puffed Bunny Marshmallows
– Multicolored Peeps
– Rabbit Shaped Cookie Cutters
– Chocolate Bunny
– Charcuterie Board

– Arrange items in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Make it yours!