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Welcome to the wild side!

From tiny insects to mighty beasts, there’s plenty to discover and learn with the animal kingdom. These Animal Snack Tracks are a fun activity that blend exploring and nutritious snacks. Encourage creativity and independence as your child creates edible animal tracks, fostering imagination and hands-on learning.  This activity promotes fine motor skills, healthy eating habits, and wildlife conversations. Understanding the characteristics of animals helps nurture nature appreciation, empathy, and environmental care. It sparks curiosity, enriches language, and lays the groundwork for scientific inquiry. Animals also teach social skills and cultural awareness, bridging diverse traditions. Be sure to encourage your child to move, climb, and explore their surroundings while imitating animal behaviors for a full exciting experience!


– Crackers

– Pretzel sticks

– Pepperoni slices

– Red grapes

– Cream cheese

– Cheese slices


1. For the penguin tracks, cut a pretzel stick into three small pieces and arrange them, fanning out from the bottom center. Place on a cracker with cream cheese.

2. To make the duckling track, cut a small piece of cheese into a diamond shape as shown and place on a cracker.

3. Using pepperoni slices, cut four small circles and one large semi-circle to form a puppy paw print. Place on a cracker with cheese.

4. Cut a grape into half lengthwise, trim some off the sides, and place side by side on a cracker with cream cheese. This creates a fawn track!