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Kids 'R' Kids of West Houston receives second accreditation from National Accreditation Association (NAC.) A Leader in Early Childhood Education.


Summer Camp

A well-supervised, safe and engaging camp


We are thrilled to announce 2023 Summer Camp!

Kids ‘R’ Kids West Houston offers a safe program for an educational and thrilling summer camp experience, and showcases unique weekly themes. We’ve created a variety of high-flying, mind-expanding, hands-on activities designed to make your campers smile, think, explore, collaborate and grow in exciting new directions. Contact us for specific details on weekly themes, calendar of events, and full schedule!

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offering a unique blend of weekly themes

We’ll go globetrotting to the country where the boomerang originated – AUSTRALIA! From Alice Springs to Sydney, campers will explore the claims to fame of some of the cities we’ll visit virtually while sampling their foods, music, traditions, sports, and more.


We’ll score some good old-fashioned fun by playing the best indoor and outdoor games of all time, then use our imaginations to make up a few new games of our own. During potluck playtime, our campers will bring their favorite game to share with their friends.

We’ll explore some of the most popular movies, movie characters, and genres of the last few decades. We’ll work together to dream up our own movie concept, design a set, and film a trailer.

We’ll pay a virtual visit to the beaches in Australia. We’ll take a deep dive into the Great Barrier Reef and learn about a variety of ocean creatures that call it home. The creation of beautiful sand art, traditional beach games like the Limbo, and a water play day will round out the week.

In addition to exploring how our favorite superheroes first got their start, we’ll also discuss real-life heroes like healthcare workers, first responders, astronauts, sports figures, teachers, and more. We’ll incorporate dress-up days to pay tribute to some of our fave figures from fiction, careers, and sports.

We’ll start the week by discussing the importance of the three R’s – recycle, reduce and reuse, then add one of our own… REIMAGINE. We’ll upcycle common household items by transforming them into something entirely new – whether it’s a work of art or something inventively functional.

Campers will draw inspiration from the Earth and create art using several different media and natural materials. We’ll explore poetry and songs inspired by the natural world, try our hand at Haiku and host an art show at the end of the week.

This wild week features an exploration of the fashion, music, historic high points, movies, and moves of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. The last day will feature a flash FORWARD, as our campers create a whole new look and dance that they believe will mark the hottest trends in the future.

We’ll explore a variety of other fun flying objects – like propeller sticks and drones – then design, create and fly our own paper airplanes. At the heart of this STEM-based week, we’ll reimagine everyday items into new gliding gizmos to show off to families during our Invention Convention on the last day of the week.

We’ll cook up a ton of fun this week as we learn how our taste buds work with regard to sweet vs. sour vs. salty foods. The week ends with a pot luck dinner featuring a favorite dish from each of our campers.

Abracadabra! We’ll learn a few basic magic tricks to wow our friends and family members. From chemical reactions and crystal formations to how seeds grow into plants, we’ll take a peek behind the curtain to learn the science behind it.

Kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes – oh my! This week will entail some enlightening discussions about animals that can only be found on the Australian continent. We’ll also talk about habitats, share photos and stories about our pets, watch movies where animals are the star of the show, and visit a local petting zoo.