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Policies and Procedures to keep our families safe during inclement weather


We are following the local school district severe weather policy.  In case of severe weather coming to the area, please monitor the news on local radio and TV stations; we will be closed or you will have to pick up your child from the center if Cy-Fair ISD is closed or release children early.

When severe weather has passed the area, please contact the center to find out when we will re-open.  If you are unable to contact us by phone, please check our website and/or come by the center.  We will post school news on our Facebook page and communicate via email and Facebook.

Fire drills and severe weather drills are conducted monthly.  In the event of an emergency situation, the children are not as alarmed due to their awareness of procedures.

As described in Childcare Licensing Section 746.5201:

An emergency preparedness plan is designed to ensure the safety of children during an emergency by addressing staff responsibility and facility readiness with respect to emergency evacuation and relocation. The plan addresses the types of emergencies most likely to occur in your area but not limited to natural events such as tornadoes, floods or hurricanes, health events such as medical emergencies, communicable disease outbreak, and human-caused events such as intruder with weapon, explosion or chemical spill.


We strive to maintain a safe environment for all children and make every attempt to be prepared to handle emergency situations.  Our staff is trained in first aid and CPR.  We conduct regular fire and tornado drills.  The local Fire Department makes annual inspections with recommendations for improved safety.  An emergency evacuation plan is posted in each classroom.  In the event the school needs to be evacuated, children will be evacuated to Lee Elementary School, 12900 W Little York Rd, Houston, Texas 77041.