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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

If you’ve got some stir-crazy tots inside your home, head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Pool days, walks to the park, and bike rides are perfect activities for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve compiled a handful of safety tips to keep your preschooler happy and healthy when spending time in the great outdoors.

Stay hydrated!

Hydration is key to beating the heat. Adults are recommended to drink sixty four ounces of water per day, but your preschooler doesn’t need this much. The amount of water your child should drink each day varies depending on height, weight, and age, but ensure your kiddo is getting roughly five glasses of water a day and they’ll be good to go.

When taking your preschool child to a park

If you’re looking to get some energy out or enjoy sunshine and fresh air, consider taking a trip to the local park. Make sure to keep a close eye on your little ones (especially if it’s crowded). Remind your children to wash their hands after touching any playground equipment and being exposed to many germs.

When playing with dogs…

You can bet you’ll come across a handful of people walking their dogs when taking the kids for a walk. Teach your children to always ask the handler for permission before approaching his pet, and be aware of body language signs indicating that the dog may not be receptive to strangers at the moment.

Be careful with plants.

If you’re going for a nature walk, be cautious of new plants/berries. If you notice your child is having a skin reaction, call your local poison control center to learn about other symptoms and potential causes.

And bring an umbrella!

Don’t forget about those summer storms—keep an umbrella or raincoat on hand when you come across a stormy day, and take full advantage of the warmth when the weather is nice. Rain or shine, use these tips to stay healthy and safe this season.

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