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Halloween Parties for Preschoolers

Halloween Parties for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Tomball, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

When it comes to planning a Halloween party for preschoolers, less is always more! Focus the party around Halloween colors—black and white or orange and green—and choose a kid-friendly, holiday-inspired theme, such as a costume gala or a harvest festival. Once you have the theme, pick out a few playful games, colorful decorations, and tasty treats to match. Keep the details simple, and tackle the planning with your preschooler to maximize the fun for everyone! 

Costume gala

Set up a simple photo booth with a large white sheet, and fill a large box with various dress up items: hats, coats, masks, and props. Children can take turns dressing up and having their picture taken. For a backyard party, turn the dress up play into a relay match. Each preschooler dons a costume and runs to the end of a course marked by luminaries. For decorations, hang a few choice costumes like wall art around your home, interspersed with holiday-hued balloons and streamers. For a playful take on refreshments, offer small oranges with chocolate coin hats and cookies decorated to look like pirates, princesses, monsters, and ghosts! 

Harvest festival

Go for a harvest festival feel by setting up a few different game stations around your home or across your yard. Turn a large piece of cardboard into a giant jack-o-lantern, and then have bean bags on hand that can be tossed through its open mouth. A small, stemless pumpkin and some rice or water filled plastic bottles can become the ball and pins for a bowling alley. Scatter a few pumpkins of various sizes in a small cluster, and set a stack of tossing rings nearby. For larger pumpkins, use a hula hoop and have two children make the toss together. Fizzy orange punch and a snack mix with black and orange chocolate candies will help to round out the fun!

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