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Encouraging Your Preschooler to Try New Sports

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Some preschoolers are very interested in trying new sports. Others are more timid or afraid of trying new sports. If your child is hesitant to try new sports, check out some of our tips below.

1.     Mention the Benefits

Help your children see why trying out new sports is a great thing by telling them about the benefits. In addition to gaining confidence and new skills, they will probably meet new friends and have a ton of fun.  

2.     Acknowledge Fears

When you begin talking about your child trying a new sport, listen for reasons they are worried or afraid and acknowledge them. They might be afraid of being made fun of since they have never played before or worried about getting hurt. Whatever it is, acknowledge their concerns as valid, but remind them that their fears may not come true at all.  

3.     Talk About Safety

Make sure to address the safety precautions you and your child can take to prevent injury while playing sports. Whether they will wear shin guards in soccer or take frequent water breaks during hot months of golf, all organized sports for children should take safety into account. If your child is still nervous after your explanation, see if the coach or teacher might try talking to your child about safety.

4.     Ease Into It

Instead of encouraging your child to sign up for a whole season of a sport, try easing them into it! Maybe they could go to a camp or begin practicing with you at home before they commit to a long-term program for a sport they are still unsure about. This may help them get out there and find out how much they love the activity!

These four conversation topics about trying new sports will help encourage your preschooler to try new sports. Trying new sports builds confidence, motor skills, and camaraderie, which are all beneficial things to begin at a young age!

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