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What Your Preschooler’s Teacher Wishes You Knew

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Sending your preschooler into an unfamiliar daycare environment can be quite intimidating. As the days dwindle until they begin their schooling journey, here are three suggestions from different preschool teachers that will catapult your child into a successful preschool learner.

 Recognize Numbers 

As your child meanders playfully through the day, he or she will come into contact with different numbers and counting methods. Helping your child recognize what numbers look like and identify them will aide their learning experience tremendously. This could be you writing out the numbers for your child to count in a game of hopscotch or simply making a game throughout the day of pointing out numbers as your child sees them. Knowing certain numbers is extremely beneficial once your preschooler steps through the daycare doors.

 Recognize Letters 

Similar to recognizing numbers is your child’s ability to identify letters. As they begin to learn colors and even how to spell their own name, these learning progressions will be much easier on your child once they distinguish between the letters they are working with. A fun solution is to give them a sheet of paper with their name and have them recognize and morph Play-Doh into the letter shapes. This will help as they develop into writers that can easily identify the letters within tricky words.

 Recognize Letter Sounds

In addition to recognizing letters as you see them, another helpful suggestion is recognizing the sounds a letter makes. Remembering how you learn letter sounds can be quite confusing to children and adults alike, so a good platform to begin is YouTube; having your preschooler listen and engage with songs on YouTube allows your child to expand their imagination while learning. Be careful, though, as these silly songs can quickly get stuck in your head as well!

 With these different methods your preschooler will be prepared to face their first day of school. Still, what your preschooler’s teacher truly wants you to know is that they already truly care for your child and are so excited for the school year to come!

 Getting Ready for Back to School

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