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Preschoolers and Valentine’s Day Crafts

Preschoolers and Valentine’s Day Crafts at Kids 'R' Kids Suwanee, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Pink, red, and hearts – oh my! For many, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to make meaningful crafts to give to loved ones. This year, involve your preschooler in the holiday prep and help them make heartfelt gifts for the ones they care about!

You can help your preschooler make a homemade card for a family member! Have your preschooler dip their hand in either red or pink paint and place it on the front of a blank white card. Once their handprint is dry, help your preschooler come up with five reasons why they love the person the card is for and write them down inside.

If grandparents live far away, help your preschooler put together a Valentine’s Day care package to send them. Instead of using packing peanuts to fill the box, make a paper chain using strips of pink, red, and white paper. Ask your preschooler to tell you reasons why they love their grandparents that you can write on each link in the chain. Staple the links together, fill the box up, and send off a package full of love!

Another easy craft that your little one can easily help you with is a handmade wreath! To make a simple wreath to hang on an inside door, simply cut heavy cardstock or cardboard into a ring. Then, let your preschooler decide how to decorate it! You can use pom-poms, paper hearts, or even doilies to make this wreath extra festive! Whether you keep the wreath at home or send it to a loved one, it’s sure to warm hearts regardless!

Let one of these ideas inspire you to make this Valentine’s Day with your preschooler the sweetest yet!

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