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Outdoor Play and Indoor Learning: A Balance

Outdoor Play and Indoor Learning: A Balance at Kids 'R' Kids Suwanee,preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

If we’re trying to help our preschoolers become educated, what’s the point of letting them play outside when the books are inside? A lot of research has been done, and it has been suggested that playing outside makes learning inside a lot easier for kids. 

Higher grades are achieved when kids have the opportunity to play outside because they have better communication skills and better memory retention when they are allowed to refresh their minds with sunlight and nature. Our media-stuffed culture is causing overstimulation for kids of all ages. It’s been shown that less media time equals better grades. 

Kids have better health when they play outside because of the vitamins and minerals from the sun and dirt that the kids are allowed to play in. Did you know that dirt has a natural serotonin that provides children with a natural, calm environment while they’re making mud pies?

Kids are more motivated in other areas of life when they’re able to play outside and stretch their imagination through independent play. They make up games and build play forts as their minds are allowed to grow and thrive.

Playing outside relieves stress for little ones because they are allowed to clear their mind and engage in nature. The phrase “indoor childhood” has been coined for this generation of children that spend their summers inside playing video games, watching television, or surfing the internet instead of running through the woods with cousins at all hours of the day. Technology has its advantages, but we may be sacrificing our grades and health for those advantages.

Recess, and any other opportunity to play outside, is valuable to children because it improves performance in every other area of their lives. If you’re interested in seeing the research behind these facts, you can read more here. Get outside and enjoy the big world!

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