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Fun Family Activities for Cold Days Indoors

Fun Family Activities for Cold Days Indoors, Daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

Cold winter days can be hard on a family. But having a plan to enjoy the dreary day can turn the dark winter into a light afternoon. Try using these fun activities for your family to have fun during the cold weather.

Hide a toy and play hot/cold with your child. 

The closer they are to the toy, the warmer you tell them they are. When they find the toy, let them hide it and you look for it. This is a unique variation of hide and seek and a scavenger hunt. Together, you can hide items for older children or your spouse to find when they come home.

Turn off the lights and play with flashlights. 

See what objects you can use in front of the flashlight to make fun and crazy shapes on the wall. Use construction paper to create different objects and show your child how to create a puppet show on the wall to a favorite story.

Create an indoor obstacle course. 

Put a plastic cup or Tupperware container on its side. Then have your child try to roll a small, light ball into the container from a certain distance. Once they master that simple course, add an obstacle. Put the container farther back or give them a plastic spoon to use to hit the ball toward the container like putt-putt. When they have mastered this, add a pillow between them and the container and help them problem solve how to reach the container around the obstacle. Let them choose more obstacles. Then let them create a course just for you. This activity uses their creative and scientific thinking as they make a course and analyze how to solve the course. They will have fun on a cold day while they are strengthening their reasoning skills.

Bake together. 

Nothing warms the home and the tummy like fresh, warm cookies. Take the cold day as incentive to pull out the chocolate chips and start baking. 

When the cold weather and activities wear you and your child out, curl up with a storybook and some hot cocoa and enjoy these moments. Spring will be here soon.

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