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Empower Your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker

Empower Your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker at Kids 'R' Kids Suwanee, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

In the life of a preschooler, it can sometimes be challenging to see the positive side of things. When you think about it, preschoolers really have very little control over their lives. A majority of decisions about their day are made by someone else—an adult. And, when their plans don’t line up with the adult’s plan, the preschooler more than likely will be the one who is left disappointed. This can be discouraging. But, there are many ways to help your preschooler see the positives in life, even at such a young age. 

Helping Others

This is one thing that always helps people of any age to think more positively. The reason it works is because it shifts your attention away from yourself and onto someone else. When you are able to help someone, it makes you feel good. I’d say that’s a pretty positive thing! Remember to help young children think through what they are doing as they help so they can feel that sense of pride for what they have done. 

Highlight of the Day

At some point in the evening, maybe at dinner time or bed time, ask your preschooler what the best part of their day was. It is so easy to get downhearted about things that go wrong and to let them ruin our days. But, by looking back and remembering what went right, we can leave the day with a positive memory.

Try New Things

It is exciting for preschoolers to get to do things they have never done before. Not only does it make them feel “grown up,” it also help them realize their strengths in places they may never have thought to find them. There are so many options available to kids today: cooking classes, art classes, sports, gymnastics, martial arts, music, etc. You may have noticed that your preschooler naturally is drawn to certain activities. While building on those, take time to explore other things that they may be good at, that they would never have thought to try. Mastering a new skill is always a confidence booster! A “can do” attitude is a positive way to go through life!

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