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Throwing a Halloween Party for Preschoolers

Throwing a Halloween Party for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Suwanee, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Want to throw a fun Halloween party for your preschooler? All you need is a little planning and patience, combined with some creativity, and you will have an event that little ones will enjoy. Start by choosing a few crowd-pleasing, preschooler-friendly games, and then add some festive decorations and tasty treats. Include your preschooler in the planning, and double the fun!

Preschool games

Pick a few simple games that are easy to play, and then set up stations around your house or yard. Rings or hula hoops can be tossed over pumpkins and bean bags lobbed through Halloween-themed cardboard cutouts. A bowling lane, girded by orange pool noodles, can be laid out in a backyard, and a small, stemless pumpkin and several plastic bottles can serve as the ball and pins. Focus on games with simple rules for a high ratio of fun for everyone!

Party decorations

Decorations can be simple, too! String up orange and black streamers, scatter about several holiday-hued balloons, and include some strategically placed pumpkins. Remember that less is always more when throwing a party for preschoolers. After deciding on the decorative touches, blow up the balloons and hang the streamers with your little one. When finished, admire your hard work together!

Halloween treats

Set up a deep sensory bin with treats inside, such as individually wrapped candies, fig newton cookies, or small apples and oranges, and have each child reach into it to pull out a prize. Or, go for a variation on bobbing for apples with small powdered donuts. Tie each donut to a string, and have the little ones see who can eat through their donut first. Use small sandwiches and a flavorful orange punch to round out the offerings!

Setting Goals with your Preschooler

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