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Setting Goals With Your Preschooler

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As parents, one of our jobs in raising our preschoolers is to teach them the life skills they need to be successful! One skill essential to success throughout your life is setting goals. Setting goals allows you to track accomplishments and better yourself, which is a great skill to start building while your child is young.

While setting goals may seem like a big thing for preschoolers to understand, we can start small and use the process outlined below to get going!

1.     Pick A Focus Area

Help your child brainstorm all the things they do or are. For your child, this could include being a brother, a t-ball player, a pet owner, a listener, a student, and a friend. Once they have thought of all these things, help them pick one they would like to improve upon.

2.     Set an Achievable Goal

When your child picks the area they would like to focus on, help them set a manageable goal in this area. If your son wants to be a professional baseball player, have him start with a smaller goal such as hitting off the tee in the backyard three days a week. Then, try to help them see how these small goals will put them on the right track to achieving their big dreams.

3.     Make a Plan

With a goal set in place, help your child develop a plan on how to achieve it. If they are saving their allowance to get a new pair of shoes, they will need to feed the dog every day for the next two weeks to earn enough money. Help your child make a chart so they can track their progress. This will help keep them motivated.

4.     Celebrate Wins

Make sure to celebrate big when your child reaches a goal or marks off a big milestone! When you celebrate your child and their accomplishments, they are encouraged to set new goals and achieve even more difficult things. 

We encourage you to start setting goals with your preschooler. You might have to give a lot of guidance now, but before you know if you will have raised a goal-making and goal-achieving young adult!

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