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How to Ease Your Child into New Situations with Confidence

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Entering new situations with a preschooler can be an intimidating excursion. Whether getting a check-up in the doctor’s office or moving into a new classroom at daycare, you and your preschooler may quickly find yourselves in an unfamiliar new environment. Never fear, though, as we have three tips to ease your preschooler into any new situations!

Discuss What to Expect 

Often the scariest part of new situations for your preschooler is the unknown. Before the panic sets in and the tears start flowing, try walking your preschooler step-by-step through the situation beforehand. Keep your tone upbeat and warm as you tell them exactly what the new situation will bring. Through giving your preschooler a taste of what they are about to face, they will feel less intimidated by the situation itself! 

Reassure Them 

Sometimes all your preschooler needs in new situations is your reassurance that everything will be okay. A little push in the right direction may be all they need to face the situation at hand. Simply acknowledge their fear and let them know their anxiety is a natural response, but they have the courage to face the situation. “I know you may be scared right now, but you can do it!” Every so often we all could use a little encouragement! 

Acclimate Them to the Environment

Often times the environment around your little preschooler is the scariest part of new situations. Try your best to introduce your child to the situation beforehand! Certain events—such as open house or even the waiting period before the doctor comes in—are perfect times to let them move about and absorb the environment around them. By familiarizing your child with the area and letting them know they are safe, you will watch their jitters become a thing of the past!

Especially for your learning preschooler, new situations can be very hard to handle emotionally. Know that you are not alone in your efforts! By easing your child into new situations with these tips, both you and your child’s anxiety will slowly and surely melt away.

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