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Our top priority is providing peace of mind to our enrolled families and to our community. Our school is Now Enrolling, and we would love to meet you! Contact us today for details.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Health and Fitness – Playball is not just another ball program.  It is a highly specialized program taught throughout the world.  Playball was devised and is continually updated by sports experts, occupational therapists, and educational specialists.  By giving children competence in sports, we help them develop skills that are not associated with sports at all.  Playball is here every Wednesday instructing students ages 2 thru 12 years old.  Check them out at
  • Dance – Dancing helps even the youngest child express herself with music and movement. Whether it is free interpretation or choreographed movements, Creative Movement and Dance is here every Thursday offering classes and instruction in dance. Kids love to perform and express themselves with music and movement as they gain a great sense of accomplishment while doing so. To sign up visit their website at
  • Martial Arts – The principles of the ancient art teach self-discipline and physical prowess. Through martial arts, children learn to respect others and regulate their own actions.   Susan Whitfield (4th Degree Black Belt) is here every Thursday instructing Choi Kwang Do for students age 3 thru 12 years old.  For more information visit