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Accredited Private Kindergarten

Kids ‘R’ Kids of South Riding will be providing Private Kindergarten. This program is designed to prepare your child for an accelerated academic program. As the courses in the elementary program are advanced by a minimum one or more grades, we want to expose your child to an accelerated curriculum in preparation for these elementary school years. We have carefully crafted a program that includes a rigorous Reading, Science, Technology, Math, and Art focus.  When your children are in our program, they will benefit from a full day of a perfect mix of academics and large motor activity.

Private Kindergarten lessons include:

  • Accelerated Science Curriculum Developed by Rice University
  • First and Second Grade level Language Arts
  • First and Second Grade level Math
  • First and Second Grade level Social Studies
  • Public Speaking & Leadership
  • Arts and crafts: use different art media with painting and three dimensional art
  • Music class: a balance of music and movement, percussion instruments, sound and pattern reproduction, lessons are a minimum of twice per week
  • Foreign Language: Spanish class
  • Preforming Arts
  • STEM: Hands on projects to include beginning robotics, coding, and our Afterschool curriculum.

Our Teaching Methods

1.  CONTEXTUAL LEARNING and PROBLEM SOLVING.   Design challenges show students how what they learn in school connects with the world around them

2.  COLLABORATIVE LEARNING AND TEAMWORK.  Most activities involve small-group work that encourages a student to consider more than one solution or idea and learn to work collaboratively

3.  COMMUNICATION.  Curriculum will develop students’ communication skills and encourage them to share ideas in several ways:  speaking, writing, drawing, and building

4.  PROJECT-BASED LEARNING.  APEAS design challenges engage students in inquiry.  As they analyze their own data and make decision about their design, students engage with contents, hone their critical thinking skills, and take ownership of their learning

5.  LEARNING SHOULD BE FUN!  We went over hundreds of engineering and science projects and selected the most interesting and educational to develop a love of STEM.

Our 2018-2019 school year private kindergarten will be a great fit for students who are of age to attend kindergarten, but for a variety of reasons will not start until next year.

For detail information about our program click HERE to complete the contact form.  Once we receive your information we will send you our e-packet program information along with tuition.

” If you want to change the world, focus on leaders. If you want to change leaders, focus on them when they’re young.”    ~Doctor Alan Nelson