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Teaching Preschool Children about Sports

Teaching Preschool Children about Sports at Kids 'R' Kids Round Rock Teravista, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is pretty likely that your preschooler will be interested in some type of sport at some point in his or her life. It could be dance recitals, soccer games, or baseball practices, depending on the interests of your child. Regardless which activity is chosen, these three tips are great for your little one to learn before getting into competitive sports.

Have fun.

The most important thing to remember when playing a sport is to have fun. Why pursue a career in any field unless you enjoy it? The same concept applies to sports: learn to love it and to have fun through the wins and the losses. Find joy in the process instead of the outcome—you’ll learn more and your attitude will stay positive. You can also teach your child about joy while you’re at it!

Be a team player.

In all aspects of life, we need each other. Whether it’s teammates, coaches, mentors, friends, family, or community, we are all affected and motivated by those in our life that are there for us. Younger children tend to want to do things without help to show their independence, and while some independence is good, in sports, you have to learn that you need each other. Even the best professional basketball players need each other in order to win a game. 

Maintain a good attitude.

Above all, teach preschool children to maintain a good attitude. Help them to learn through their failures and to use them as a learning opportunity to push them forward instead of letting failure discourage them. Failure is a sign of growth: if you don’t fail at anything, then you’re probably not pushing yourself and striving to learn. Teach your little one to appreciate their teammates, respect their coaches, to love their sport, and to give themselves room to grow and learn.

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