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New Year’s Like a Pro: Preschooler’s Edition

New Year’s Like a Pro: Preschooler’s Edition at Kids 'R' Kids Round Rock Teravista, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

The new year is here, and the New Year’s resolutions are rolling in! If you decide to make any resolutions this year, consider these three that prioritize family and children. 

Family dinners. Make family dinners a nightly tradition in your home for 2020. Families that eat together, stick together. Invest in meal planning and crockpot recipes to make the evenings easier. Do what it takes to bring your family together and to build up the relationships that you have. If your family is still young, this is a great opportunity to make family dinners a tradition from the very beginning. Many memories are sure to be made around the dinner table as children are given the opportunity to connect with their parents and siblings and share their day with those who love them most. 

Document your life to preserve memories. Take plenty of pictures at family vacations, birthdays, and holidays so you can reflect on these special moments for years to come. Remember that you’re documenting these things for your benefit, not for social media. Live in the moment this year and take pictures for memories instead of likes. 

Read to your little ones at bedtime. Or anytime, really. Reading aloud to children enhances their language and comprehension skills. The time that you spend together will strengthen the bond between you and your child and is a great way to be emotionally supportive to them. Find books that you enjoyed as a child and pass them along to your child!

As you enter into this new year, remember to cherish your greatest gift—your children. Choose resolutions that will be beneficial to you and your family as you press on to accomplish the things that 2020 has for you. Happy New Year!

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