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4 Reasons Why Daily Quiet Time is Important for Your Toddler

“Quiet” is not a common word in a toddler’s vocabulary. While toddlers are known for their relentless energy, and breaks are few and far between, there is significant value in having your child experience daily quiet time. Rather than be something that is dreaded, quiet time can become a great opportunity for your toddler to discover a lot of new activities and ideas! Here are four reasons your toddler needs daily quiet time.

Daily Quiet Time Can Replace Nap Time When Your Toddler Refuses to Sleep

Toddler’s sleep routines are notorious for being ever-changing. While some toddlers sleep during their allotted nap times, others refuse to sleep a wink. A toddler’s brain is so active as it processes all the information his brain receives daily, that sometimes he won’t want to take a nap or go to bed on time. 

However, not sleeping during nap time can pose a problem for both the toddler and the caretaker because of over-stimulation, which can lead to being overly tired and irritable. If your toddler refuses to sleep, verbalize that, even if she doesn’t sleep, she will need to be quiet. This offers you and your toddler both a relaxing break from auditory stimulation. 

Quiet Time Can Also Be Decompression Time

Quiet time also allows the child to decompress from information overload. When a child is quiet, she can numb out without having to focus on fulfilling any expectations, and instead can just rest. Undoubtedly, after about half an hour, she’ll be ready for fun and games again, and will be better prepared to process the rest of the day!

Quiet Time Offers a Child Time to Explore Their Independence

Quiet time also allows your toddler to explore their independence. Where toddlers are usually led through their daily activities with instruction from parents, teachers, or caretakers, quiet time offers the toddlers time to lead themselves in their own made-up activities. Now the roles are switched and the child can explore what it means to lead themselves. 

Quiet Time Offers a Toddler Space to Be More Creative

If a toddler finds himself bored during quiet time, then great! Boredom leads to creativity, so see what your little one conjures up while being bored!


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