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Summer Camp

A well-supervised, engaging and enriching camp for school-age children

2019 Summer Camp - Kaleidoscope 360!

Kids ‘R’ Kids is excited to launch a new twist on camp where kids are redefining summer and turning ordinary days into the extraordinary. Just as fragments inside a kaleidoscope fuse together to captivate us with a new perspective, Kaleidoscope 360° will spin this summer into a unique dimension of discovery, fun, and friendships.

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Spin an ordinary summer into something extraordinary with magnificent results. With Kids ‘R’ Kids Kaleidoscope 360°, your child can discover a new sense of wonder and purpose through play and learning. Let us provide the means for fun hands-on activities, team work, physical activity, and plenty of laughter for your child to Redefine Summer!

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Kaleidoscope 360° will let campers see that when kids and ideas come together, they can inspire a world of possibilities with magnificent results. We are surrounded by a mosaic of people with individual interests and gifts, so campers will explore and celebrate differences while learning about collaboration, community-building, and the importance of including others.

Each week takes shape with an entertaining theme full of exciting experiences for kids to build summer camp into a community of their own. When campers are not out exploring on field-trip adventures, they will play and learn through activities designed for their age group to charge their batteries for the new school year.

Generally, our camp and its activities are split into three age groups: Freshman Group (5 to 7 yr olds), the Junior Group (8 & 9 yr olds) and the Senior Group (10 to 12 yr olds).  Each week’s activities for all three groups include hands-on learning, STEAM-based investigation, team work, physical activity, and plenty of laughter! Let your child experience Kaleidoscope360° at Kids ‘R’ Kids that will reveal a new sense of wonder and purpose to redefine Summer!

2018 Summer Camp

VIDEO: Kids 'R' Kids promotes the 2018 Summer Camp that "rocks the world!"

2018 summer camp "rocked the world!"

Kids ‘R’ Kids launched this Summer Camp designed to teach kids that they are an important part of the global community. With a different “world” to explore each week using STEAM strategies and hands-on activities, kids explored all the things our world has to offer – with loads of laughter and heaps of fun! They built confidence and discovered that one person no matter how big or small – CAN make a difference. And when we work together, there’s NO LIMIT to the amazing things we can accomplish to ROCK THE WORLD!