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Positive Things to Say to Kids: Encouraging Words for Kids

Positive Things to Say to Kids: Encouraging Words for Kids
Research has been done to show that the kind of praise that we give to our children can ultimately influence them and motivate them later in life. Therefore, when we utter these words of encouragement to our children, we want to focus on the effort rather than their talent.
The best thing you can do is show them encouragement when they try their best. It doesn’t matter if their abilities are top-notch or above others; they are looking for encouragement at that moment as they put their effort into the task at hand.
Choosing specific phrases to use can also help encourage them. Don’t generalize your words of encouragement too much. Be specific to what they are working to accomplish. If they are painting a picture, for example, focus on the different colors they have chosen rather than just saying good job.
You also want to be careful to avoid giving them TOO MUCH praise. Too much praise can actually result in negative effects down the line. They will begin to think that they no longer have to try to succeed and their self-confidence may be off the charts. Remember, as parents; we are looking to encourage them while making a positive impact.
The praise you offer your children should also be sincere and honest. If the praise you are offering doesn’t feel sincere, then they will likely not feel encouraged at all. The praise is ultimately discounted and can lead to a child to practice self-criticism.