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Don’t just take our word for it…

Mona Mahmoud

“I started my son on another daycare when he was 8 mons because of the reviews below on kids are kids. He hated this other daycare and he was always sick and crying. That was one of the reasons I quit my job at the time. When he was 15 mons I got a good opportunity and I thought to put him here. To my surprise he loved it. I am not going to lies first week wasn’t easy which is normal. Afterwards the whole experience is amazing. The place is clean. My son is happy. The teachers are super sweet and whenever I call from work to ask them to do something for him, they do it (contrary to the other daycare). it is to find a good daycare that is logistically convenient. Go do a tour and ask questions about what is important to you. If it seems right give kids ‘R’ Kids of Jersey village a chance. Just remember that the video also is a plus.”

Jessica Ellis

“My son started in room 200 at 15 months and soon moved to room 250 where he has learned so much in such a short period of time. His teachers as well as the staff at the front desk always give him a warm welcome. He went from screaming everyday (expected when being placed into a new environment) to a big smile on his face when I drop him off. All staff has been very pleasant since day one with me. I am very pleased with how my son has grown since starting Kids ‘R’ Kids”.

Janelle Bowers Edmonds

“My son has been attending this school since he was 3 months old and I have been nothing but very happy with all his teachers! He just started a new classroom and the teachers are great, he could not be happier! He asks to see them both when we are not at or near the school and everything is always positive. They are working with him on potty training and are so patient and he is doing really well! I greatly appreciate them both. The school has been great over the years!”

Linh Tu

“I’m so happy to have Mrs. Sobia there for room 250; she’s always so pleasant to talk to and lets me know about how my son (and even my daughter sometimes) is doing. I’m also happy with the Pre-K 2 teacher; it was really so helpful of her to inform me of my daughter’s eating habits. I’d also like to commend Chef Chris for his care to the children’s nutrition and especially with my own children’s special food needs”.

Michael Richardson Jr.

“Our son has been at this daycare for a little over a year now and everyone is always so nice to him. His teachers have always taken a liking to him but none have made an impact on him like his previous teachers Ms. Sobia and Ms. Henna. He comes home and he talks about them and sometimes calls other people by their names. At two years old that is amazing and the fact that it’s a school that he wants to go to everyday is even better. Love the daycare!!”

Aaron & Sarah Strauss

“It`s not easy leaving your child in the care of someone else, but Kids R Kids immediately put any concerns at ease by taking such great care of our son”

Lesley & Scott Ward

“When looking for a day care for our daughter, my husband and I looked at many different options. From day one, Kids R Kids stood out of the crowd for their open concept facility, knowledgeable and professional staff, and a “nothing to hide” mentality”

Tina Swain

“It gives me peace of mind that both my girls are taken care of all day while I do not have the privilege to be with them myself. ”

Linda Reeves

“My husband and I have been really pleased with the care our child has received at Kids R Kids. The teachers are friendly, attentive and well-trained. The director and assistant director are helpful and personable. Our daughter is learning a lot here and enjoys coming, which means the world to us.”

Pranav & Priya Patankar

“We just wanted to take the opportunity to express our thanks for the great care Kids R Kids has provided to both our daughters Mihika and Divya over the past 6 years and counting! We really appreciate the fact that all teachers starting from class 100 are certified and really seem to get to know and work with the individual personalities of the children ”