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Staying Sharp: Keeping Knowledge Strong All Year Long

One of the biggest problems young students face during the summer break is maintaining the level of knowledge and learning they gained over the past school year. Maintaining learning allows students to be ready for the next year and all the challenges and knowledge it brings with it. Here are a few ways to help your students care for their brains and keep their knowledge strong.

Daily (and/or nightly) reading: Helping your child read daily sets them up to succeed, showing them the fun of reading and sharing real-world stories and ideas. If your child is reading on their own the best way to make this habit seem fun is to spend time reading your own books at the same time, establishing reading as a family habit.

Online math games: Many websites provide math games for children that can allow for education to be maintained. These include ABCYa and PBS Kids. Older children may be better served by practicing on Khan Academy.

Reputable children’s programming: PBS children’s programming is available for free online and in app, allowing students to watch programming designed to both inform and inspire.

Creativity time: Setting aside time for creative habits like drawing or writing allows your child to exercise their creativity and prepare themselves for future learning as well as maintain their handwriting and grammar skills.

Inspiration hour: Set aside an hour each week specifically for showing your child the beauty of the world and learning. This could mean going out into nature and sharing different bugs and insects, taking a special trip to a store selling foreign goods and learning about languages. Take time to share something amazing each of you have learned this week.

Helping your child learn to love learning can change how they approach life, themselves, and the world. Nothing sets up a child for future success better than taking the time to help them get the “spark” of passion for learning.

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