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How to Choose Safe Toys for Preschoolers

Though not well-known, each December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Thankfully, a month like this is set aside, as this time emphasizes helpful tips for safely choosing toys for your preschooler (as well as younger and older aged children). Below are six specific ideas to help you safely choose toys for your preschooler and any other children in your life this holiday season!

Look for the right “vocabulary” listed on toy packaging

For example, look for ASTM D-4236 on art-type gift ideas (crayons and paint). These items have been properly evaluated and are considered safe. Also look for the words lead-free (for painted toys) and non-toxic.

Purchase and utilize well-fitted helmets for your preschooler

If you are not sure how to properly fit a child’s helmet, many fire departments will help you through this process. This will help keep your child’s head and brain as safe as possible, in case of an accident!

Consider any safety recalls when looking to purchase preschool-aged toys

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has an accurate and up-to-date list of any recalls on their website ( 

Be on the lookout for specific video game ratings

The initials “EC” represent “Early Childhood”, and “E” stands for “Everyone”. These ratings will help keep you from getting any video games that your preschooler is not quite ready to see or hear, based on that age bracket. 

When purchasing a protective life vest for water play events, check that the label says that the vest is Coast Guard approved

This will be the best way to keep your child safe while they enjoy their water fun once the weather warms up! Also, some public swim places only allow for these types of life vests.

Pay special attention to if a new toy contains button batteries

These types of batteries can be found in unsuspecting types of children’s products. Even a light-up children’s hairbrush may contain these types of batteries. Swallowing one of these buttons can prove to be very dangerous for a child. 

You most certainly know your preschooler best, and you do a great job of protecting them well already. These are just helpful guidelines to keep in mind this December while shopping for holiday toys for your child!

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