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Safari Adventures from Home with Your Preschooler

Safari Adventures from Home with Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

If preschoolers went on a real safari, they would likely see animals like a rhinoceros, zebra, giraffe, or a lion. For most, though, a safari will not take place anytime soon! Below are some fun and easy ideas for safari adventures to do with your preschooler from the comfort of your own home. 

Do a Paw Print Match

You can find basic online templates of different safari animals’ paw prints to make copies of. Your local public library should have printer access if you need it. At home, you can have your child hold or look at each paw print and try to guess with what animal it matches.

Act Like an Animal

You can use the same paw prints from above. This time, though, you could show your child the different paw prints and then teach your child some of the ways that the safari animal might move or act. For example, a tiger stalks and pounces. A lion roars loudly. Your preschooler can then act these out with you.

Match Animal Sounds

You can use your internet search engine to let your child hear the different safari animals’ sounds. Then, your preschooler can try to match the sound with the right animal. You could guess the sounds, too, as your child repeats any sounds to you.

Use Books and Painting Opportunities

Read your child different safari animal books (either from the library or from your own home). Then, your preschooler can paint their favorite animal. You could also print an animal template from the computer for them to paint, if painting an animal from scratch is too difficult for them.

These are just a few ideas in order to have some creative safari animal fun with your child. Plus, your preschooler may learn a few new things!

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