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Tips to Start the New School Year on the Right Foot

Tips to Start the New School Year on the Right Foot at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is inevitable. Summer will end, and the daylight hours will shorten. Along this timeframe, though, a new year of preschool will begin. Here are four tips to help start the new year of preschool on the right foot. Hopefully, the following tips can benefit both the first time and the seasoned preschoolers, and their families!

Check your local library for child-friendly back-to-school books.

Arthur Goes Back to School” by Gene Lipen is geared towards ages 3-9, this story is about a dog enjoying learning activities at school. It includes a lot of fun rhymes.

Preschool, Here I Come!” by D.J. Steinberg covers the variety of activities and excitement that preschool can bring.

Meet and greet your preschooler’s teachers.

Before the school year starts, allow your child to meet their main classroom teacher. Your preschooler may remember the teacher’s face from the previous school year, but it is beneficial to each child to meet their main teacher for that year. Viewing the classroom can excite your child for what is ahead that year.

Make school supply shopping an “adventure.”

Yes, parents know that supply shopping can be a chore, but it can also be an opportunity to gear up your preschooler to feel more ready for school. Allow your child to have choices when possible so that your preschooler feels some excitement and ownership over the back-to-school process.

Guard bedtime routine the week before school starts.

When school is about a week out from starting, try to start transitioning to a more school-based bedtime routine. This helps prepare your preschooler’s body for consistent sleep. 

Hopefully, using some of these tips to start the new school year on the right foot will help you and your preschooler gear up for a successful preschool year.

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