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Helping Your Preschooler Deal with Fear

Helping Your Preschooler Deal with Fear at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

What do the following have in common: the dark, storms, monsters in the closet, dogs (or big animals), being in a big crowd/on stage, or the unknown? These are ideas that your preschooler or their young friends may worry about.  Here are some ideas to help your preschooler deal with fear.

Find appropriately-aged children’s books.

There are a variety of children’s books that deal with examples of fears and what a child can do about them. 

  • OH NO! There’s a BUG on my RUG by Adam Ellison

This book shows how a child’s imagination can sometimes go wild. 

  • Even Dinosaurs Can Dance by Amanda Lynn

For ages 3-11, this book is about an anxious dinosaur learning to overcome fears like meeting others and dancing on stage. 

Emphasize that it is okay to have fears.

Your preschooler will find a dose of comfort knowing it is okay to have fears and that it is always okay to approach you with their fears. 

Encourage discussion with your preschooler.

Making a plan to tackle your preschooler’s fears head-on can help with the in-the-moment fears. If your child is fearful of dogs, for example, you could ask your child if they would like to read books about dogs together and learn how to handle dogs safety. Then, when a big dog is across the street, you and your preschooler will have a better idea about what to do in that situation.

Use child friendly (and matter-of-fact) phrases when your child is in the middle of fear. 

For example, you could say, “I would never allow a yucky monster to come into our home! I love you too much to let a monster go into your closet!”

Take heart, your preschooler’s active imagination will one day mature. What is feared today will not be feared in a few years. The key is that you can teach your preschooler that you can always be trusted with their fears and concerns.  With a little time and exposure, most childhood fears will melt away. 

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