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Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room

Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, daycare, preschool, childcare

Keeping your preschooler’s room tidy may be stressful for both you and your preschooler.  Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help your preschooler stay organized.  

Everything Has a Place

Tip number one is to make sure everything has a specific place to be put away when your preschooler is finished with it.  These areas need to be child friendly, so your preschooler can reach and put away items on her own.  Store similar toys or toy sets together in bins or baskets.  Store these bins or baskets on shelves (i.e. a bookcase or toy shelf) for easy access.  Supply your preschooler with a clothes hamper for her dirty clothes to avoid clothes to be strewn all over the room.  

Label Everything

Label toy bins with pictures of the toys that belong in that bin, as well as the word for which toys belong there.  You can also label the shelf where that bin belongs, so your preschooler knows exactly where those toys belong.  Label dresser drawers so your preschooler knows where to put clean laundry and begin to help put his laundry away independently.  

Creative Storage Ideas 

Utilize an over the door shoe holder for small items, such as your daughter’s Barbie collection or your son’s action figures.  Build a parking garage like this one for your son’s Hot Wheels collection.  Secure wall planter baskets to the wall at a child friendly height to hold books or stuffed animals.  When choosing bins for your preschooler’s toys look for ones which will fit under his bed.  Storing toys under the bed in bins will help reduce the unwanted clutter that sneaks under the bed and it adds more storage!  


Babies are not born with the knowledge of how to keep a room tidy or organized.  Your preschooler will build this skill by watching those around him.  Model organization in other areas of the home, as well as helping him in his room.  Over time he will learn to appreciate a well organized room and be able to clean his belongings on his own.  

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