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Teaching Your Preschooler to be a Problem Solver

Teaching Your Preschooler to be a Problem Solver at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, childcare, daycare

It can be hard for parents to see their preschooler struggle or to see their child not know the best course of action in a difficult circumstance. In the middle of these struggles, there are good things that can come about, though. Through different difficulties, there are specific ways to teach your preschooler to be a real problem solver. 

  1. Try not to jump in and offer assistance right away. As the parent, it is hard to see your child struggle. It is important in the long run, though, to help your child work through possible solutions instead of your child always relying on a parent to solve the different problems. 
  2. When your preschooler has a truly hard problem, however, you can help your child by working through and developing several solutions together. Then, your child can choose from the different possible options. This becomes a modeling process. Your child learns the process of developing a variety of solutions, while thinking through the pros and cons.
  3. Teach that practice makes progress (instead of the traditional practice makes perfect). Tell your child that mistakes are okay. We can learn from them. 
  4. Read your preschooler the book, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. This book is helpful at showing that problem-solving involves many retries and mistakes along the way. 
  5. Allow your child to help you solve your problems. All Pro Dad recommends making it a habit to offer your child chances to help you solve one of your problems. Without even realizing it, your preschooler will be practicing problem solving strategies. 

None of these ideas will bring about overnight success! It is a learning process for all involved. You know your child best, though. Take heart that you know when to step in and when to let your preschooler struggle just a tad longer. 

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