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    Helping Preschoolers Craft Gifts

    Helping Preschoolers Craft Gifts at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

    It is a special treat for family and friends to receive crafted gifts from a beloved preschooler. Not only do these crafts make for special keepsakes, they provide the opportunity for special one on one time with your child while the crafts are being made.

    Here are some simple and inexpensive craft ideas your preschooler can make and give away to a loved one. 

    Clay Handprints

    Buy air dry clay. Your preschooler can then use the clay to make handprints. Once the clay hardens, it can be given to someone special. Your child can also mold the clay into a desired gift for a friend or family member. To make it be more from the heart, your preschooler can use the loved one’s favorite color to create the clay mold. 

    Paint a Masterpiece

    From a dollar store, purchase some paintable crafted wood pieces. Local craft stores also will have good sales on paintable wood projects; so you may be able to pick up well-priced pieces at these locations. Your preschooler can then use washable paint on this crafting wood to give to a loved one. To make it even more special, look for wooden paintable picture frames and include a picture of your child in it before gifting it.

    Coupon Book

    Help your child create a “service coupon book” that can be used for an act of love. Once your preschooler chooses someone to be a blessing to, your child can draw different chores on the coupon book’s pages. If your child does not like to draw, you could print off examples of chores for your child to color and then bind into a simple book format. These chore coupons can then be used when desired, and your preschooler can bless the loved one with doing the act of service for them. Simple examples could be folding towels, raking, drying dishes, or dusting. 

    Involving your child in the gift-giving process (from start to finish) is a real treat, for both the child and gift receiver. The smiles will be genuine for all involved.  

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