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Fall Craft Ideas that Preschoolers Can Make

Fall Craft Ideas that Preschoolers Can Make at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

The weather is beginning to change again, and with it brings many beautiful colors and signs of fall.  From the beautiful leaves on the trees, to the acorns on the ground, to seeing pumpkins everywhere you go, fall brings a new kind of excitement with it.  It’s time to bring some of that nature indoors and use it in creative ways with your preschooler.  Keep reading for some ideas.

Leaf Rubbings  

Collect leaves of all sizes from various types of trees.  The more variety, the better.  Arrange the leaves on a piece of paper on the table.  Then, put another sheet of paper on top of them.  Using different colors for different leaves, rub crayon over them on the top page.  This works better if you lay the crayon on its side.  When you are finished, you’ll have a colorful leaf collage that you can keep!

Pumpkin Painting  

Pumpkin carving is a tried-and-true fall tradition, but over the past few years, pumpkin painting has started to become popular.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You can go freestyle and let your child be creative with it using their fingers or a brush.  Or you can find some stencils and try to make a more formal picture on it.  

Cardboard Acorn Wreath 

For this activity, you’ll need a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a wreath or some sturdy paper plates with the middle cut out, some glue, some acorns, and any other fall items you can gather outside.  After you have gathered your supplies, simply glue them onto the cardboard in whatever pattern you would like.  Voila~ you have your very own homemade wreath for the front door!

As you can see from the ideas above, seasonal arts and crafts don’t have to be expensive or include a lot of supplies.  Just use what is in your own backyard and have fun!

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