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Teaching Preschoolers About Gratitude

Teaching Preschoolers About Gratitude at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

The month of November brings up the concept of giving thanks and giving back to communities. Your preschooler is at the perfect age to learn about gratitude and how they can give thanks for what they have. Here are some great ways to discuss gratitude with your preschooler and instill in them a thankful heart that will last a lifetime.

Start Simple

Ask your preschooler what they are thankful for. What do they say? Use their responses as a way to teach them about the bigger picture. Are they thankful for toys? Tell them about other children that might not have many toys and how important it is to share. Are they thankful for their house? Remind them how special it is to have their own room or their own bed. If they say, “I don’t know,” use it as an opportunity to point out the bigger things they have like freedom, school, and other things they may not realize are special.

Expressing Thanks

Once your child knows what they are thankful for, teach them how to express their thankfulness–from baby steps like saying, “thank you” when someone hands them something, to treating others kindly and sharing what they have. Talk to your child about treating their things nicely because of their thankfulness—being thankful means knowing the value in what they have and treating those things well.

Giving Back

Emotionally, your child may feel sad for others who have less than them when they realize how thankful they are for what they do have. Teach them to put that empathy for others into action by donating to homeless shelters or volunteering in soup kitchens.

No matter what, everyone has something for which to be thankful. Teaching your child about gratitude isn’t about counting how many possessions they have or comparing what they have to what others have. It’s about acknowledging how blessed they are and wanting to express their thankfulness to others and give back to their community.

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