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Summer Vacation with Preschool Children

Summer Vacation with Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, childcare

Summertime is perfect for rest and relaxation, but there’s nothing relaxing about planning the ultimate trip. If you’re unsure how to prepare or you’re worried about keeping your preschooler preoccupied on those long travel days, we’ve got you covered with the best tips to make your summer vacation a success.

Take a staycation!

If you don’t have any major plans this summer—don’t fret! You can easily transform your home into the ultimate vacation destination. With a sprinkler party, a baby pool, or a tarp and some baby oil, your child will feel like they’re at a waterpark rather than in their own backyard.

Pack comfortably.

Remember to pack comfortably, and keep climate in mind. Maybe you’re heading for cooler temperatures where you’ll need cozy jackets and scarves, or maybe you’re traveling to the beach. Pack accordingly, and wear comfortable clothes in the car.

Bring your child’s favorite item.

Consider packing your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal in their suitcase or carry on. Traveling somewhere new for the first time can cause feelings of uneasiness. However, a small piece of home will provide your child with a sense of familiarity and comfort in case they’re feeling home sick.

Pack a few special treats or toys to reward your preschooler for having good behavior, and try to be patient when they’re not. No one likes being stuck in a car for hours at a time, but hopefully these travel tips will make your experience flow smoothly. Bon voyage!

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