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Empower your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker

Empower your Preschooler to be a Positive Thinker at Kids 'R' Kids Fort Mill, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Preschoolers can be empowered to be positive thinkers. They have many thoughts and opinions about the world already. Oftentimes, those thoughts and opinions become negative.

Unfortunately, we give more undivided attention to a child who is crying or screaming whether from a hurt or a tantrum than we do to a child who is contented. This sublimely sends the message that something negative has a greater pull on their favorite person: you. To empower our preschoolers to be positive thinkers, we have to give more attention to the positive moments.

Dinner Positives. 

At dinner or during dinner prep, ask your child a positive question. “What was your favorite thing about today?” “What do you like most about (dinner)?” When they answer, listen. Then repeat what they said. “Playing outside is your favorite.” “You like the sweet potatoes most.” This lets them know you heard them and valued the positive moment. Follow up your question with sharing your favorite moment from the day and watch the positivity flow. 

Game Positives. 

Make a game during car rides to see who can list the most things they are most grateful for. Include your spouse or other children in this round robin style game. Participation in the group activity is predicated on positivity which reminds your child of the value of positive thinking. Add some variety by listing only things that start with a particular letter or by listing only things which are a particular color. This game not only helps with memory and creativity, but it emphasizes the importance of positivity to your child.

Reframing Positives. 

When something bad happens, acknowledge the bad but then emphasize something positive. For example: when a speeding sports car merges in front of you and then slams on his brakes, you have to slam on your own brakes causing your purse to be thrown forward emptying everything onto the floorboard. That was bad. Your child knows it was bad. But after a few moments of expressing your frustration, say aloud what was good. It’s good that your brakes worked. It is good that you were not transporting a cake. It’s good that you were both wearing seat belts. 

Repetition is essential to changing mindsets. These techniques have to be repeated daily for your child to begin to internalize them.

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