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What to Do When It’s Raining Outside

What to Do When It’s Raining Outside at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, daycare, childcare, preschool, learning academy

April showers bring May flowers. That’s exciting for May, but first we’re going to have to get through the rainy spring days. If you are looking for new ideas to pass the time on rainy days with your preschooler, look no further!

Make music videos together.

Pick a favorite song and act it out. Record it and share it with your friends. These videos will make memories that will last a lifetime, and they can be shared and viewed over and over again. Be creative and silly, and it’ll be sunny again before you know it!

Read a riddle book.

If you’ve ever given your preschooler a riddle book, you know that they will become enthralled with each and every riddle and want to share them all with you. If you haven’t shared a joke book with your children, you should. They provide hours of laughter and entertainment, and you’ll have endless corny jokes to add to your repertoire. 

Do science experiments.

If you want to do something educational, you can do science experiments together. Pull out the baking soda and vinegar and create volcanic eruptions with the chemical reactions. Or you can make slime putty with glue and shaving cream.

Research why it rains.

Research why it rains, and share the reasons with your preschooler. Even if it seems a little bit over their heads, you will be surprised at how much they pick up and remember about the rain cycle and the weather. Find a few good books to read about the weather and you can learn exactly why the rain is pouring.

Make the day fun and exciting and invest in the time that you have together instead of simply wishing that the day would come to an end. These rainy days are an awesome time to focus on your relationship with your little ones as you stay inside and enjoy one another’s company.

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