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Four Ways to Teach Your Preschooler Confidence

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We all need confidence. Preschoolers especially need confidence. For the first time they will go to school, spend a meal without their parents or siblings, and face new adventures and challenges. Here are a few ways to help instill confidence in your child:

Play pretend!

Children learn through doing. Set up the upcoming situation as much as possible in your home and make the new environment a game setting for your child. This will increase their comfort level when they encounter the real place for the first time.

 Familiarize them with the environment.

If possible, introduce your child to pieces of their new environment. If they are about to start preschool, tell them about “circle time” and begin having it at home. When your child arrives at school, “circle time” will be something familiar. Call the school or look on their website to see how they divide the day. Practice that division at home a few days in the weeks leading up to school starting. Use the same terms the school uses. For example, they might use ‘quiet time’ or ‘rest time’ instead of nap time. Familiarity often brings confidence.

 Add responsibilities.

Small steps of responsibility create large reserves of confidence. If you are aware of an upcoming new situation, begin giving your child more and more responsibilities. Be careful not to give them too much responsibility in which they cannot attain competence. This will lead to disappointment and lack of confidence. But competence and affirmations of your child’s ability will boost confidence. “You are responsible for picking up all the yellow toys. I don’t have to worry about the yellow toys because I know you are responsible for them. You have helped me by picking up all the yellow toys. You are a great yellow toy picker-upper. I am proud of you.” As your child grows in responsibility and dependability, they will grow in confidence at home. This confidence will follow them into new places.

 Confidence is key to succeeding in preschool and beyond. Encourage your child’s confidence now and watch where it will take them!

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