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Tips for Disciplining Your Preschooler


Let’s face it: Discipline isn’t fun, especially when it’s your child who doesn’t completely understand what’s right and wrong just yet. Most of the time, your little one can do no wrong in your eyes. But sometimes they have those temper tantrums in Target that you just can’t condone. Here are a few tips when disciplining your child:

A Lesson Learned

There will be a valuable lesson that comes out of discipline. Your child needs to understand that what they did was wrong, so it’s important to sit down with them once they’ve cooled down and discuss what exactly went wrong. This will give your child a chance to understand their mistakes and will give them the opportunity to grow from there.

Time to Cool Down

Give your kiddo some time to wipe the tears away before you start having a chat with them about what they did wrong. You need to give him or her some alone time to reflect on how they reacted to the particular situation. Talking to them immediately might result in more tears and tension, so it is best to wait about 15-20 minutes for their emotions to settle. No need to make the situation worse by trying to solve the conflict right away.

Next Time

When you have that one-on-one chat with your child, ask them what they would do differently next time if the situation happens again. For example, your child may have thrown a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store because you didn’t buy them the candy that they wanted. It is pretty likely that the situation will arise again. If your child acts differently the next time, then give them words of encouragement and affirmation. Your child will be less prone to throw a tantrum if they realize that you are proud of them and are aware that they made the right decision!

Disciplining isn’t easy, but hopefully these tips will result in a happier time!

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