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Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear What Parents Have To Say!

Yvette R.

“My son and I have loved this daycare and the staff for many years. From the infant program, all the way to the school-aged and summer program – children truly are loved first, welcomed by name each morning, taught well, and have so much fun at KRK Barker Cypress! My son attended KRK full-time through preK, then entered public school kindergarten far exceeding the district’s academic expectations. Still, several years later, he tests high above his peers and above district/state standards, thanks to the foundation KRK provided him. The staff appears happy, the facility is clean, safe, and serves nutritional meals and snacks, and communication is professional and consistent. Love KRK!”

Angela M.

“Kids-R-Kids Barker Cypress has exceeded our expectations year after year. The staff is so kind and accommodating and treat my daughter as family. They truly know her. I am beyond grateful that we found this daycare and even more grateful for the incredible staff! From summer camps, to fun extracurricular activities, to days they don’t have school, they offer it all! They fully prepared my daughter for kindergarten by letting her enroll in their program early. I don’t know what I’d do without them! We consider them family. We’ve been there since my daughter was 2 and we will be there until she ages out (hopefully!) We will be using KRK as long as possible!!!”

Mitzi & Christian A.

“It is highly likely that we would recommend Kids R Kids on Barker Cypress because they have been providing us with peace of mind for over six years. The comfort of knowing that your children are safe and happy is invaluable to working parents.”

Charlie V.

“My son went here for 7 months and absolutely loved it. They have a great playground with lots of space. The teachers (miss Cindy) was so patient and kind to my son. The front desk was extremely welcoming. If I did not have to relocate then I would surely have kept him in.”

Leah N.

“We used this daycare from the time our daughter was 4 months old to 13 months old. We absolutely loved her teachers (shoutout to Ms. Patricia, Ms. Tai and Ms. Gayle in particular) and they loved on our baby like she was their own. We’d watch the live stream and they were so sweet and gentle and funny with her. On days she was more fussy, they’d hold her more and stroke her cheek. On easy days, they’d dance and sing to her. Just very caring. We were nervous because she’s an awful sleeper but they helped her and never made us feel bad about her weird sleep timing. She’s also vegan and they were super respectful about her diet needs as she got into toddler food. The front desk always recognized her and greeted her by name. And the director was always there and available if needed. I loved this daycare for our daughter and would highly recommend it!”

Viki Y.

“The educational program is second to none and is truly worth the cost. I am certain my boys will be ready for kindergarten based in large part to the efforts of the faculty and administrative staff. I highly recommend Kids R Kids on Barker Cypress.”

Corina & Fred V.

“The entire staff, from the owner to the cook are absolutely wonderful. Ms. Abriel and Ms. Valerie are very talented, dedicated and involved teachers we have ever had. Especially Ms. Abriel deserves the recognition for working very hard with Luke and helping him love his school. I can truly say that Luke now loves and looks forward to going to school, thanks to the efforts of the entire staff.”