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Don’t just take our word for it…

Derrick, Monica and Eric

“With the Kids ‘R’ Kids foundation, our son is ahead in elementary school now.”

Susan, Nicole and Stacy

“My twins are unique, and Kids ‘R’ Kids adapted programs to meet their needs.”

Mother of 3–year–old

“My daughter is excelling and is completely captivated by every lesson plan she reviews on here! I am amazed! She also comes to us with random facts she’s learned. IMPRESSED!!!”

Ashley Samson

“My daughter has been going to Kids R Kids in Avalon since October of 2018. I cannot even bring into words on how much my daughter loves going to school to see her favorite teacher (Ms. Daniela)! She has learned so much and has a lot of hands on activities. Kids R Kids in Avalon has totally transformed her view of going to “school”. She enjoys every minute of it and of course that makes me one happy momma. I do not have to worry about her while I am at work. I know she is in great hands and would recommend to everyone! They also have parties that the parents are invited to and I love being apart of them! 💜”

Katya Sequeira

“Kids R Kids is my family 💕 Ms Annette, She is an amazing, sweet, knowledgeable teacher, she is my son second mom 👩‍🏫. Ms Rosa the owner is always available to listen and talk, it’s difficult to find people that is not your family but they care so much that we love as a real family 💕🙏my son now is 4 yrs old VPK 👨‍🎓 but he is been there since 2 yrs old. Thank you so much for all the love to Sebastian all this years.”

Fernando Aparicio

“As a parent I want to express my gratitude to Kids R Kids for their excellence. Since my child was 2 years old, he is attending Kid R Kids and they are part of my family. I highly recommend you to join the great Kids R Kids family.”

Flo Gotay

“I started my son in a VPK school in South Florida last August, but we moved to Orlando in December. Since his first day in Kids R Kids Avalon, he comes home talking about new things he’s learned in school such as math, reading, phonics and etc. He repeats everything he’s learned in the three hours he spends with Ms. Samar (and that is ALOT of information). He seems to be much more advanced than other five-year olds in other Vpk schools. Ms. Samar is an amazing educator, perfectly mixing kindness and motherly instincts, with firmness and discipline when it’s time to get things done. You have helped build a strong foundation for my son’s learning experience for years to come. We can’t thank you enough. Soon my little girl will be attending Kids R Kids too. I have full confidence that she will do just as well as my son did.”

Natalie Oliden

“We love Kids R Kids! My daughter loves all her teachers and amazes me with how much she learns. Can’t wait for the new school to open!”

Nadia Ella

“My son enjoyed and learned a lot. and all the teachers and staff are sweet and friendly like you have own family. Thank you.”