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Age Appropriate Skills to Teach Your Preschooler

Age Appropriate Skills to Teach Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is hard seeing our little ones go from baby to toddler to preschooler and beyond, but we cannot hold them back by continuing to do everything for them.  The earlier we begin teaching our preschoolers age appropriate skills, the better prepared they will be for life in general.  

Social Skills

Sharing and taking turns can be difficult skills for preschoolers.  We can help our little ones learn these skills by giving plenty of opportunities to practice.  Play games that require turn taking and waiting for turns.  If you are playing a game that requires rolling a dice, you are also teaching them to share the dice.  Play with some of their favorite toys and ask your preschooler to take turns sharing one particular item.  Also, offer opportunities for your child to interact with children outside of the home and share or take turns.  It is more difficult for a preschooler to share or take turns with someone outside their own home than it is to share with a parent or sibling.  

Life Skills

Allow your child to help choose his or her outfit for the day.  This helps teach the skill of dressing for the weather.  Once your child has chosen his outfit, let him dress himself with minimal help.  Initially, he may need reminders of putting certain items of clothing on first or help putting them on, but he will quickly learn how to do these activities on his own. 


Preschoolers are capable of helping with simple household chores.  If your child is in preschool, it is likely she has a class job.  Some ideas for age appropriate chores for your preschooler include:  sorting and folding socks together, folding hand towels and washcloths, putting dishes in the sink, wiping the table after meal time, helping sweep the floor, or helping sort and put away utensils.  

It can be hard to see your little ones grow up and become independent, but watching them grow and learn new things is exciting.  Watching your preschooler beam with pride at being able to complete a new skill is worth letting go and letting him be independent. 

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