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Helping Your Preschooler Grow up to be Lifelong Reader

Helping Your Preschooler Grow up to be Lifelong Reader at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

Helping your preschooler grow up to be a lifelong reader requires making an investment. More often than not, lifelong readers do not just happen, but rather, it takes being intentional with reading. There are many different ways you can be intentional with your preschooler. 

Make it a habit

The best way to foster a love for reading and consequently become a lifelong reader is through being read to daily. Take time to slow down every day and sit down with a book. Reread the current book he is captivated by. Find new books on topics in which he is interested. Discover new authors. Savor the familiar authors. Test out different character voices and expressions. The main goal is to just read and have fun. 

Surround your child with books

Another step on the way to becoming a lifelong reader is to have materials available. Provide your preschooler with an age appropriate supply of books, magazines, and even recipes. Place these in easy to reach areas whether on a bookshelf or in a basket, and encourage your preschooler to access them. Many children will imitate reading before they truly can read the words on the pages.   

Read in your daily life

Talking about letter recognition and the words in the world around us will encourage a preschooler to embrace reading. Help your preschooler see how text is already a part of her daily life. Read the signs on the road while driving around town. See if she can identify any of the letters in a store’s name. Allow her to “read” and check on items on the grocery list while out shopping. There are multiple areas where you can show her the letters and language she is surrounded by.

Use the library

Take advantage of your local library. Your local library has a wealth of information. From story time and the accompanying crafts and activities to more books than you could possibly buy, the library is a treasure trove just waiting to be pillaged. Talk to your librarians to learn about books that may be of interest to your preschooler, and be sure to frequent your library often!

Just like other skills, some kids take to reading more naturally than others. You should not be concerned if your preschooler may take a little extra guidance to get her interested in books. By incorporating reading into everyday life, and taking steps to connect reading with the things he enjoys the most, your preschooler will quickly begin to progress.

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