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Spring Break Stay-Cation Ideas for Your Family

Spring Break Stay-Cation Ideas for Your Family at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

Seriously, our second Spring Break during a pandemic?!?  Don’t worry.  There are plenty of ways to create new memories with your preschoolers while still keeping them safe and healthy!  Remember, the true enchantment of Spring Break is the time together building new memories.  

Camp Out

A tried and true idea for making memories and staying home is to camp out.  You can camp out in your backyard or your living room.  Set up a tent, barbeque hot dogs, and make s’mores.  If you have a nearby campground which socially distances, better yet!  Make this night a totally unplugged night.  Teach your preschooler some of the fun outdoor activities you enjoyed as a child.  

Game Night

Choose a couple board games the whole family can play.  Plan the family’s favorite snack foods for dinner and hunker down for a fun night of games!  If you are feeling extra adventurous and crafty, spend the day creating a new board game with your preschooler.  Your little one will surely have a blast creating the game and making all the rules!  

Travel the World

Decide on a location where your family would love to travel.  You can engage your preschooler in researching the location and the cultures of that location.  Choose a fun craft or activity to complete as a family that celebrates that country’s culture.  Plan your meals around the local cuisine and try some new foods.  

Scavenger Hunt

Look into your town’s history.  Your local library is a great place to start.  Create a tour or scavenger hunt around town for your family to learn more about the town’s history and engage your preschooler by asking questions about how they think the town would have looked one hundred years ago.  If you’re lucky enough to find an old family restaurant that has been around for awhile, stop for lunch!  

Spring Break is a time to unwind and reconnect with our families and ourselves.  You don’t have to travel to exotic locations or spend hundreds of dollars to make memories.  Have fun making new memories and learning new things with your family this Spring Break while staying healthy! 

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