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Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

There is a rich and interesting history about how Valentine’s Day got started. Yet, you know that your preschooler likes the excitement of the day for what it is—candy or treats, a fun party, and card exchanges! If your child likes pink or red, it is a dream come true!

COVID has sure made its mark, though. Parties and card exchanges look quite different this time around! Here are some ideas you can do at home with your preschooler to help make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable. 

‘Slightly MESSY’ Sensory Play

A quick trip to a dollar store (or perhaps looking through some old cabinets) will allow for easy and inexpensive fun! This is what you need for this sensory experience:

  • Cotton balls
  • Watercolor paint
  • Paint brush
  • Container of some kind

Fill the container with water. Let your preschooler dip the brush in the pinks or reds (Valentine colors!) and use this paint to ‘dye’ the water in the container. Then, add the cotton balls for a sensory play activity. Include any desired kitchen utensils for your child to stir or to stack the cotton balls. 

For a variation, you can use food coloring, and your child could wear disposable gloves if you are concerned about stained hands. An old towel under the container will guarantee an easier clean-up. 


 A dollar store should have the necessary supplies for this activity, too:

  • Large craft ‘pom poms’
  • Straws
  • Bowl of any size
  • Miscellaneous decorating supplies (You can have your child decorate the bowl in any fun way that interests them.)

The activity involves using any Valentine-colored pom poms and having your child use the straw to suck each pom pom up to the opposite end of the straw. The goal is to then have them transfer each pom pom to their decorated bowl. At the end, you could give your child a small, fun Valentine treat if you want!

For a variation for this activity, you can use any lightweight object that will not be sucked through the straw. Ideally, it will be Valentine colors! Inexpensive, easy, and fun can happen at the same time! 

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