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Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Indoor Activities for Preschoolers  at Kids 'R' Kids Waterside, preschool, daycare, childcare

Growing up, cold weather was always beyond exciting. I remember as a preschooler, thinking that any time that the weather dropped below fifty degrees it was going to snow – and soon! However, I think my mother quickly figured out that my five year old body was not cut out for colder climates and that my reckless invincibility combined with an outfit that can only be described as the Michelin Man would result in an epic injury sooner or later. As a result, colder weather usually meant being sequestered inside, and yet with some of these activities, it always seemed fun. Here are some ideas you can try out with your bundle of energy this winter: 

Pillow Forts

Enough said. I would be confident in saying that this is an automatic winner. And the best thing is, no extra supplies needed! Just grab a couple of blankets, a flashlight, and configure the couches to size and you will be good to go. A great opportunity to foster your preschooler’s imagination, a pillow fort can turn into a camping trip or a dinosaur excavation. It’s a good thing, just take it and run.

Story Time

This may not be the thing for your preschooler and that’s fine. But at this age, if you think something is fun and worth doing, then they probably will too, if for no other reason than they get to do it with you. I remember loving anything that my parents and I could keep coming back to and make into a tradition. A good story speaks for itself, and if you are willing to put your heart and soul into it, other worlds hidden in the words of the story can come alive for your child.

Find Things That Last

Building on the previous theme, I think the big struggle with entertaining a preschooler or any kids around this age is that it is hard to keep their attention. They will flit from this to that and never wholly commit to one or the other. With that in mind, if you can find something that you all can keep coming back to, then I think it might just help keep your sanity. Anything from building a train track, to working a puzzle, to a big arts and crafts project can work. Don’t be afraid to challenge your kid and do something a little hard – they will end up loving the challenge!

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